About Us

Office'm Office Furniture

Office’m Office Furniture started to serve in Antalya Aspendos Boulevard in 2005 by Altungök Furniture, one of the leading companies of the sector for 28 years. Today, it operates in a showroom with an area of ​​2400 m². It offers you a wide range of products within the scope of furniture and products sales.

During this time, it has expanded its field of expertise by cooperating with strong companies with its aesthetic and ergonomic designs, and has always kept its target high and adopted to be the solution partner of its customers in all areas of the sector with its domestic productions.

Office furniture is an accessory for stylish people.

Focus, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal and keep taking the next step to complete it. Your closest supporter on this road is your comfortable office chair and your useful desk.

Quality Product Range
Quality products we prefer for ourselves, we eat in our store and on the internet.
Product Warranty
Its sales are welcome to samples such as deformed and factory for it. Our main goal is not to get hurt.
Free Installation
While it is delivered to the distributorship center, we install it free of charge.
Free Shipping
We ship it free of charge when delivered at the distributor center.
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